ザ ライブリー東京麻布十番

Service: HOTEL
Location: Tokyo , Japan
Area: 1,367sqm (62 rooms)
Completion: NOV / 2019
Designer: T.Fujimoto / K.Koki / N.Sueki
Photos: Kenji MASUNAGA / Kenta Hasegawa

“THE LIVELY AZABUJUBAN TOKYO”, a new lifestyle hotel brand in Azabujuban, Tokyo, which is known as a sophisticated town for adults with both downtown atmosphere and elegance, has the sensitivity to gather in the city. We made zoning plans and space productions packed with various thoughts so that the hotel strives to comfortable environments and creativity for guests who are highly sensitive to trends.

In all 62 guest rooms, the layout is such that the washroom can be opened and closed so that you can spend time while feeling more spacious than the actual area, and the catchy design with a ladder motif is used so that space can be used more effectively in furniture. In addition, when the TV cabinet is opened, it turns into a desk, incorporating gimmicks that are exciting to use. Besides the colour scheme, we added value to items such as hammocks, ceiling fans, and terraces depending on the rooms, creating a variety of different scenes.