ザ ライブリー東京麻布十番

Service: HOTEL
Location: Tokyo , Japan
Area: 223 sqm
Completion: NOV / 2019
Designer: T.Fujimoto / K.Koki / N.Sueki
Photos: Kenji MASUNAGA / Kenta Hasegawa

Azabujuban, Tokyo is known as a sophisticated nightlife district with a downtown atmosphere and elegance, with a shopping street with a history of more than 300 years, high-end houses, and embassies where foreigners and wealthy people live.

“THE LIVELY AZABUJUBAN TOKYO”, a new brand of lifestyle hotels, is creative and strives to comfortable environments for guests who are highly sensitive to trends gather in the city, centring on keywords such as “LIFE, URBAN, PLAY, WORK, TECH, and SOCIAL”. We also have zoning plans and design productions packed with various thoughts.

Passing through the main entrance surrounded by greenery and light, and proceeding to the second floor, a magnificent scale atrium lobby with a ceiling height of 20m spreads out, and four-light pillars extending to the upper part of the atrium and metal art suspended from the ceiling, welcome guests. These are the motif night view and buildings visible from the Tokyo sky. A large LCD panel is installed in front of the lobby, and digital art that visually expresses the brand image of “THE LIVELY” is projected. The adjacent lounge is divided into sections such as a coworking area, a drinking area, and a billiard area, and is a public space where discoveries, information, and opportunities fly about.