ザ ミレニアルズ福岡

Service: HOTEL
Location: Fukuoka , Japan
Area: PA 167sqm / GA 536sqm (114 rooms)
Completion: AUG / 2019
Designer: T.Fujimoto / K.Koki / S.Jaehong / S.Taniguchi

The Millenials Fukuoka, located on the third floor of the lifestyle hotel THE LIVELY HAKATA FUKUOKA in Hakata, is the third location of a smart-pod style hotel brand with locations in Kyoto and Fukuoka. The biggest features of the “hotel inside a hotel” is that guests can choose their stay experience based on their budget and share the lobby bar, dining area, coworking lounge, banquet hall and other spaces provided by the large-scale hotel. This project was tasked with providing added value unique to a “hotel inside a hotel” while also preserving the brand image created by the Kyoto and Shibuya locations. The entrance hall is located just past the lobby bar, which is representative of the shared facilities, and features a light gate using a block motif in which digital art floats making for a magical performance. The same motif is referenced throughout the facility, in the elevator just past the light gate, in the corridor, around water fixtures, and inside the pods themselves. Thus we attempted to connect the facility via its finishing touches and color scheme to THE LIVELY.