ザ ライブリー福岡博多

Service: HOTEL
Location: Fukuoka , Japan
Area: 1,193 sqm
Completion: AUG / 2019
Designer: T.Fujimoto / K.Koki / S.Jaehong / S.Taniguchi
Photos: Kenji MASUNAGA / Kenta Hasegawa

Hakata once flourished as a commercial port town, and each feature of its culture, such as festivals, including the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival, and street stalls bustling with many tourists, enliven the city as unique scenery even now.

A new brand which will become the first lifestyle hotel in Hakata, “THE LIVELY”, has defined the “liveliness and prosperity” unique to the city of Hakata as the design concept for the entire hotel and promoted the project with the theme of environment creation which transcends the conventions of lodging facilities and where guests gather together with digital technology, art, and sound.

First, the lobby bar located in the front atrium past the main entrance has a huge chandelier at the top, and the metal trellis wall constructed of digital technology and artwork. Guests are first overwhelmed by its power, and they can spend their time in the bar while sensing the presence of the atrium three-dimensionally, and the buzz is shared with the public area on the second floor. There is a row of lounge seats, standing tables, digital seats, and co-working lounges around the bar, so the guests can choose their preferred environment.