積善館 山荘

Service: HOTEL
Location: Gunma , Japan
Area: 170 sqm (6 rooms)
Completion: DEC / 2022
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / S.Kishimoto
Photos: Masato Chiba

Located in a hot spring resort along the beautiful Shima River, Sekizenkan has been widely known as a historic therapeutic bathhouse for about 300 years and is designated as one of the national Tangible Cultural Properties and a Modern Cultural Heritage of Gunma Prefecture.  With this profound historical background, a facelift has been executed to the Sekizenkan’s guestrooms “Sansou”.

The existing design has been utilized as much as possible, such as the tokonoma (alcove), kumiko (latticework), ranma (transoms), and furniture, whilst updating the textural plasterwork, lighting, karakami for the sliding doors, and millworks, to enhance livability and comfort while retaining the historic atmosphere.