坐山 みなかみ

Service: HOTEL
Location: Gunma , Japan
Area: 250 sqm (5 rooms)
Completion: FEB / 2023
Designer: T.Fujimoto / K.Kameda
Photos: Masato Chiba

The hot-spring hotel ‘Zazan Minakami’ is located in the center of Gunma Prefecture, blending in with the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, including the majestic Mount Tanigawa and the murmuring of the Tone River.

In the newly renovated guest room floor ‘Zaraku’, the layout is seamlessly connected from the living room to the bed space with an elevated platform for the living room like an engawa – a strip of flooring along the garden in a Japanese architecture – in order to capture the view of Mt. Tanigawa. In order to create a soothing environment for the guests, highly textural materials such as wood, tatami, stone, plaster and iron textiles, alongside with essence of the local aesthetics rooted within such as furniture based on paulownia chests and sliding doors with textile patterns are assembled.

The luxurious space, which embodies the origin of the concept floor “Zaraku” – “Za = spiritual unity, Raku = enjoyment” – creates a sense of coziness as if immersed in nature, making the guest experience even more alluring.