数寄の宿 野鶴亭

Service: HOTEL
Location: Kagoshima , Japan
Area: 510 sqm (9 rooms)
Completion: FEB / 2023
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / R.Kubota / Y.Kurose / H.Inoue
Photos: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

With its 800 year history of the Hinatayama hot spring, Yakakutei is one of the oldest ryokan in Kagoshima with a beautiful Japanese garden inclusive of a moss garden designed wholeheartedly by a Gardner and sukiya-style architecture – all of which will enable guests to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
When we were entrusted with the renovation project of the main building (general guestrooms), namely the aiko-wing, we wanted to create a place that would embody the “linger” of the various touching experiences we had at the ryokan, such as the soothing garden views, authentic kaiseki cuisine using local products, and the famous hot spring.

In the public areas that lead guests to the guestrooms, the guests’ anticipation is generated by various artistic expressions of ceramics with a motif of crane (which is the icon of Yakakutei), ink painting mural, display of a traditional local craft of Oshima silk, as well as a carpet design inspired by a moss garden, which is said to be the most elegant and beautiful on rainy days.

Each rooms are compactly and comfortably designed by placing the beds against the windows overlooking Sakurajima to obtain a spacious living space with tatami flooring in front. Moreover, the traditional features seen at sukiya-style architecture such as the wooden ceilings, unbalanced shelves, shoji screens, Japanese washi walls, and hanging scrolls, have been transformed into a modern design and assembled sporadically throughout the space whilst adhering the unique DNA of Yakakutei and its “lingering” impressions.
The two guestrooms facilitated with indoor baths offers a large hinoki bathtub, allowing guests to luxuriously immerse themselves in the famous hot spring while enjoying the view of Kagoshima.