丸山温泉 古城館

Location: Nigata , Japan
Area: 36 sqm
Completion: DEC / 2023
Designer: T.Fujimoto / S.Kishimoto
Photos: Kei Sugimoto

Niigata, Echigo-nokuni, is blessed by rich nature and land.  Among them, Maruyama Onsen, located in the heart of the Minamiuonuma, continues to be loved by many tourists for its various activities in a snowy environment and as a therapeutic bath to heal the body and soul.

The renovation of the Onsen-juku Kojokan’s public bath was inspired by the characteristic exterior design of the Kojo castle.  An environment of a “Tono-sama Furo – a bath dedicated for feudal lords” has been designed in a modern approach with a coffered ceiling reminiscent of the main quarter of the castle and tatami mats dedicated for the seat of honor.

The unique Japanese modern bathroom space contrasts exquisitely with the traditional open-air bath seen from the window.  As a result, a timeless healing experience shall be etched in the memories of the guests like the Echigo’s “Zashiki-bocha – bath with tatami mats”.