積善館 山荘

Location: Gunma , Japan
Area: 48 sqm
Completion: JAN / 2022
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / S.Kishimoto
Photos: OMOTE Nobutada

Sekizenkan, located in a hot spring resort along the beautiful Shima River, has been widely known as a historic therapeutic bathhouse for approximately 300 years.
Since its construction in the early Showa period, the mountain villa, which is registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property and a Gunma Prefecture Heritage of Modern Culture, has been loved by many historical figures as a summer resort.
While various renovation projects are currently underway at the facility, we participated in a project to create a new premium lounge for overnight guests.

The first thing that greets the guests in the foyer is a small library with a wall cut out in circular to offer a view of the landscape.  The library displays books and artifacts related to Shima, books of poetry by great writers associated with the area, and artwork selected with inspiration from these works.  After passing through the study, a high-quality lounge space unfolds.
The overall design inherits the existing wooden architecture such as the lattice ceilings, columns and long posts while the walls are plastered in a soothing green.  An environment designed to resonate with beautiful nature and the sunlight leaking through the Kumiko shoji screens and transoms unravels.

Other added values, such as the light source on the ceiling, folding screen art, and antique sound equipment – all of which are based on poems written by great poets of the time about Shima – create a tranquil getaway as it combines the history of the mountain villa with modern design in an exquisite balance.