Location: Tokyo , Japan
Area: 282 sqm
Completion: NOV / 2019
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / R.Kubota
Photos: Nacasa & Partners Inc.
Link: https://www.tsurutontan.co.jp/shop/shibuya/

Shibuya is a town where the sensibilities of the young gather. The new “Tsurutontan” will be located on the 13th-floor restaurant of Shibuya Scramble Square, directly connected to the station. With the design concept of “Shibuya Creative & Scramble,” the restaurant will offer udon in a space where music, graphics, art, and other creative culture intersect with the main focus of the digital pole, creating an environment that can be described as somewhat chaotic, depending on your point of view. The challenge was to create an environment unique to Shibuya.

In the main dining room in the center, the space’s symbolic H-steel-shaped digital pole intersects three-dimensionally, each displaying art images of scenes from Shibuya’s streets, roads, architecture, and people.

Other features include a wall of graffiti art that doubles as a display of the restaurant’s name, floor tiles designed to resemble tire marks from BMX and motorcycles, and long tables with skateboard motifs, all of which thoroughly incorporate creative culture throughout the restaurant. In contrast to the main dining area, the private dining room is based on the theme of a music studio, with a design wall featuring a patchwork of cassette tapes and DJ mixers, and a chandelier on the ceiling custom made from an actual microphone, all of which are analog in expression. We hope that not only guests from the general public but also young creators based in the Shibuya area will experience this area.