積善館 佳松亭

Location: Gunma , Japan
Area: 261 sqm
Completion: DEC / 2022
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / S.Kishimoto
Photos: Masato Chiba
Link: https://www.sekizenkan.co.jp/news/559#ank_news

Sekizenkan – Kashoutei is tucked in the dazzling green mountains up on a hillside away from the bustling city.

The numerous old pine trees over 300 years envelopes the building creates a symbolic presence of the facility.

The “Hourai” dining room which has been newly introduced to the facility uses the silhouette of the symbolic old pine tree as a design motif.

The semi-private area in the center located in a fully enclosed space takes advantage of its environment by surrounding the space with black timber screens with motifs of the old pines where its’ silhouette filters through the space dramatically with upper lights.

As for the surrounding private dining rooms, different types of rooms are designed, such as rooms that features the landscape and rooms that use unique artworks to offer variation.