Location: Tokyo , Japan
Area: 47 sqm
Completion: APR / 2018
Designer: T.Fujimoto
Photos: Kenta Hasegawa
Link: https://www.ginzakashiwa.com/

Located behind the Ginza Kabuki-za (the Ginza Kabuki Theater), “Ginza Kashiwa” is accessible by elevator to the 11th floor of a building in the area. As soon as you walk through the entrance, an elegant and high class space appears, condensed in only 46 square meters. The scent of roasted chicken and charcoal are slightly floating in the air, inviting guests to the restaurant.

The counter, set up with a table top made of Japanese white wood, where yakitori dishes are served, is similar to a sushi counter, and a high-end service can be offered. The wooden boxes being put on it, called “Neta cases”, contain the yakitori meat that can be picked up and cooked on the spot. Also, no food facilities are installed above the counter, and a smokeless roaster is used. 

At the end of the counter, a private dining room just for two people is set up, surrounded by half mirror. At the dining area next to the window, the materials used for the furniture and interior are chosen to be as achromatic as possible, so that guests can fully enjoy the Tokyo Tower view with the Ginza landscape.

Restaurant’s black louvers are inlayed with small bronze slit at some precise points, which graphically represent the Kakitsubata flower, drawn discreetly, the element often used at the Kabuki-za. Other Kabuki-za details, like for doors or artworks, are incorporated to enhance the Ginza Kashiwa space’s uniqueness.

As if this place was separated from the city’s bustle, Ginza Kashiwa wants to offer a pleasant and fine quality moment for its guests.