積善館 佳松亭

Service: HOTEL
Area: 90sqm (2 rooms)
Completion: DEC / 2022
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / S.Kishimoto
Photos: Masato Chiba

Sekizenkan – Kashoutei is tucked in the dazzling green mountains up on a hillside away from the bustling city.  This place has long been known for its spectacular views with a place of serenity and elegance.

The guestroom of Kashoutei originally was divided in two – the living room and bedroom.  After the renovation, the rooms have been seamlessly connected to create one open and comfortable space.  The window captures a stunning view of the old pine tree offering a reminiscent of a Japanese-style painting. The design utilizes some of the existing Japanese elements, such as the ceiling and shoji screens, while creating a textured environment with wisteria plaster walls, walnut furniture, and an open-air bath made of Towada stone.