Service: HOTEL
Location: Fukuoka , Japan
Area: 82 sqm
Designer: T.Fujimoto / R.Kubota / H.Inoue
Photos: Masato Chiba

Located on the Chikugo River – the largest river in Kyushu, Hotel Parens Onoya is situated in the Harazuru hot spring resort area and is a long-established ryokan with an outstanding Japanese garden that has a history of about 140 years.

The renovation of the lobby lounge and indoor baths adopts the concept of “Fukuoka’s living room”.  An environment that combines comfort with new encounters and discoveries which are inspired by historical background of the area’s former popularity as a hot-spring cure for travelers to relieve their fatigue from their journeys.

The inner baths which are tucked away in the garden, utilizes the high ceiling to assemble a kuroki yagura – a Japanese truss system made of hinoki timber.  In contrast, modern materials and lighting are selected for the eye level to create a nostalgic and a mystical effect.