下呂温泉 小川屋

Location: Gifu , Japan
Area: 330 sqm
Completion: JUN / 2022
Designer: T.Fujimoto
Photos: S.Kishimoto

Gero Onsen is known as one of the top three best hot springs in Japan and within, Ogawaya is a long-established ryokan with a long history.

In the renewal of the “Shirasagi-noyu” public bath, the floor of the tatami bath which has been inherited has been retained.  The bathtub is designed in the motif of an “irori – a traditional Japanese sunken hearth fired with charcoal” often used in local residences in areas with heavy snowfall, and a semi-private bath enveloped with a bamboo screen is provided in the back.

The interior design offers an experience of the nostalgic Japanese sentiment that is unique to the Gero region.

Other gimmicks such as the Kumiko Screen and artwork inspired by the locally famous egret were also subtly incorporated to enhance the enjoyment of the guests.