Service: HOTEL
Location: Kyoto , Japan
Area: 360 sqm
Completion: SEP / 2020
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / D.Miyazaki
Photos: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

“MERCURE KYOTO STATION” is the second Mercure brand we are involved in after Ginza and was planned at the site of the capital (= Heiankyo) about 1200 years ago, which is said to be the most gorgeous in the history of Kyoto.

Once upon a time in the capital, many “pastimes” were created by the extremely prosperous nobility. For the Heian Nobility, “pastimes” is more than just entertainment, it has become popular to enhance the dignity of each, and is deeply rooted in the Japanese culture that lives in the present. In this project, while being strict in inheriting traditional culture, we decided to build a story based on the design concept of “Heian Nobility’s pastimes” unique to Kyoto, which is continuously finding something new.

First of all, since the planned construction site faces two streets, we decided to set up a hotel entrance on Aburanokoji-Dori and a barista & bar on Horikawa-Dori. An installation of handmade Japanese paper with the motif of “Kemari”(=Japanese traditional football) made of origami filled in the main lobby, and the front design wall is composed of blown glass spheres carefully made by a glass artist, and the LED is internally illuminated. The colourful design wall brilliantly symbolizes the beginning of the journey and continues through the atrium to the basement. In the basement lounge space, we have created an environment that creates added value for various purposes such as meetings, coworking, and events.

With increasing inbound demand, this hotel, which makes the most of the history and characteristics rooted in the land among the many accommodation facilities in Kyoto, is a unique facility where customers can meet the ever-evolving creativity unique to Kyoto. We hope it will be.