Service: HOTEL
Location: Tokyo , Japan
Area: 392 sqm
Completion: DEC / 2023
Designer: T.Fujimoto / R.Kubota / H.Inoue
Photos: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

The project is located in Hibiya, the center of Tokyo, where long ago lacked social gatherings and entertainment facilities.  However, during the Meiji era (1868-1912), Western-style theaters such as the Yurakucho Theater and the Imperial Theater opened and in the Showa period (1926-1989), many more theaters and cinemas opened in the Hibiya area, including the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater and the Nissay Theater.  Consequently, the area evolved into the number one “theater and movie town” in East Asia and still continues to be loved by many as a place destination for entertainment.

In such a town overflowing with curiosity, “MERCURE TOKYO HIBIYA” opened focusing on the locality rooted in this area.  To offer an interior design full of culture and character that assimilates to the features of Hibiya, the design is inspired by the iconic stage art, glittering costumes of performers, and filming equipment.  To deliver a fascinating experience, different themes are offered for each of the space where guests can sometimes become the main character or even the audience – as a result, a story within the hotel is made by spending time at the hotel.

In the lobby space, dynamic pleated screens reminiscent of a stage “drop curtain” is installed to create a scene filled with excitement and exuberance, as if the curtain was rising on a play that was about to begin.

The theater in Hibiya was built and designed with many beautiful Art Deco details and decoration.  In order to create a synergy with the concept, gimmicks such as details in the common areas replicates the beauty of these Art Deco forms.