メルキュール東急ステイ 大阪なんば

Location: Osaka , Japan
Area: 162 sqm
Completion: DEC / 2022
Designer: T.Fujimoto / K.Kameda
Photos: Nacasa & Partners Inc.
Link: https://www.mercure-tokyustay-osaka.com/

The Nishi-Shinsaibashi area (formerly Sumiyacho) was called “Sumiyacho” in the old days, as charcoal was collected from Osaka Bay through the Dotonbori River.

As the years progressed to the 1970s, the quiet warehouse district was transformed into cafes, boutiques, live houses, and studios by local creators, and today it has evolved into a district of street culture that leads the most vibrant youth culture in the Kansai region.  Namely “Shinbura”, this region is well known both in Japan and abroad.

MERCURE TOKYU STAY OSAKA NAMBA, a new double-branded hotel of “Mercure” and “Tokyu Stay,” will become an “Atelier Hub” through the interactions rooted in the local community.  The interior is designed based on the region’s unique culture of the creative mindset of fashion, music, and art, whilst aiming to become a new “Launching Pad for youth culture” where highly conscious guests and local creators can meet and exchange various information.


CENTRE M is an all-day dining restaurant based on the theme of “Escape Minami”.

Live kitchens instigates all of the five senses with the freshly baked breads and financiers. The dining area is surrounded by murals by local artists, artful furniture, lighting, and plants.  With the two combination, CENTRE M aims to become a high-quality, timeless dining space where the unique creativity of the locality can be experienced.