Service: HOTEL
Location: Tokyo , Japan
Area: 154 sqm
Completion: OCT / 2018
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / R.Kubota
Photos: Kenta Hasegawa

Ginza, the center of Tokyo, has always been known as the cutting edge of trends and information in Japan, and it also has a deep history as the oldest place in Japan that once prospered as a silver coin mint. On the occasion of the complete renewal of “Mercure Ginza Tokyo”, completely changed its image from the traditional interior design created by a French designer when the hotel first opened. In addition to the keywords of the new Mercure brand, “AUTHENTICITY, CURIOSITY, PERSONAL COMMITMENT”, The project started with the aim of creating a hotel that connects guests with the Ginza district.

First, to determine the design identity of the entire facility, the main motif was a silver coin, which is also the origin of the name of the Ginza district. Starting with the brand wall in front of the entrance, coin-shaped display shelves and painted-ceilings art decorated the lobby area. While the guest rooms are fully functional, the silver coin motifs are installed in different ways throughout the hotel, including silver coin-colored accent walls, carpet graphics with the Ginza character as a motif, and artwork reminiscent of a mint.

Other elements such as historic architecture, crafts, and scenes of Ginza found on each street, etc., were also used as gimmicks to balance and harmonize Ginza culture in a space composed of up-tempo colors and materials. The design was carefully constructed one by one so that guests spending time at the hotel will encounter a new Ginza that has never been seen before, full of surprises and curiosity.