フサキビーチリゾート ホテル&ヴィラズ

Location: Okinawa , Japan
Area: 1,105 sqm
Completion: SEP / 2018
Designer: T.Fujimoto / K.Kameda
Photos: Kenta Hasegawa

Bold Kitchen, to be located on the second floor of Fusaki Resort Village’s restaurant building, will be an all day dining restaurant offering international style fun and flavor. The spacious interior, totaling almost 1200 square meters, will be divided into dining and lounge areas, with furniture arranged around the central show kitchen, so that each section can enjoy the closest possible view of the energic live performance, day and night. The buffet counter will be adorned with ice beds, showcases, and other decorations to lift the spirits of guests selecting their food, with the hot food section dotted with displays of food from each section, so that the visual design, too, produces a lively feel.

The upper part of the show kitchen and windowed areas will be fitted with “feature screens” at irregular angles, themed after the minsah weaves of Ishigaki Island. By providing indirect lighting, these will not only add design impact, but deliver a sense of freedom only found at a resort, and convey the overwhelming sense of scale throughout the entire space. In daylight, pleasant natural light will flow through the screens installed on the windows, illuminating the interior.

The upper part of the dining area’s atrium will feature a succession of chandeliers themed around Ishigaki Island pottery, with the warm light of the chandeliers changing for morning, noon and night. The lounge area will be furnished more spaciously than the dining area. In addition to being able to enjoy their meal while looking out on the courtyard in the daylight hours, this area will also be the perfect environment for enjoying drinks in the evening.

Though we will not set out to use local stone, wood, metal, glass and other materials in the space, we believe that by using elements unique to Ishigaki Island as a design motif and incorporating them into a contemporary style we can create a heretofore unseen high-quality resort dining experience unique to the Fusaki Resort.