Location: Kagoshima , Japan
Area: 581 sqm
Completion: Oct / 2021
Designer: T.Fujimoto / R.Kubota / H.Inoue
Photos: Kenta Hasegawa

Kirishima Kanko Hotel is located in the midst of a large forest in the Kirishima mountain range, which is one of the best hot spring resorts in Japan, and also has beautiful seasonal scenery.

In planning the renovation of the main areas of the hotel, including the restaurant and guest rooms, the theme of “Gallery in the Forest” was decided to seasonal scenery designs inspired by the bountiful nature of Kirishima into the interior of the facility to further enhance its connection with the surrounding environment.

Kirishima dining restaurant “NORM” makes the most of the existing 9-meter-high ceilings, and the first priority is to connect the dining area with the lush green landscape reflected in the large windows. The large wall campus is surrounded by a dynamic graphic artfully depicting rare plants and creatures that inhabit the forest.