Location: Shiga , Japan
Area: -
Completion: SEP / 2022
Designer: T.Fujimoto / K.Kameda
Photos: Masato Chiba
Link: https://www.biwako-valley.com/haluka/

BIWAKO VALLEY is located in an ideal location surrounded by rich seasonal nature and the view of the vast Lake Biwa. In the Kansai region, Lake Biwa is known as “a leisure facility in the sky” and is popular among people of all ages throughout the year.
“Bar HALUKA” is located on a mountaintop overlooking Lake Biwa, and the bar counter design incorporates the formative beauty of the dynamic nature, such as the silhouette of the lake and the altitude lines of the Sadara Mountain Range. The symbolic counter design is unique among the dining rooms, and with the addition of RGB lights, it offers a variable effect and becomes a statement like a large sculpture.