品川ハイボールバー / 恵比寿ハイボールバー

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Area: Shinagawa 45 sqm / Ebisu 78 sqm
Completion: AUG / 2016 - OCT / 2017
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / K.Kameda
Photos: Kenta Hasegawa

The design of the highball bar first required a number of observation trips to highball bars around Tokyo. The interiors, however, were all dark, conforming to the traditional style of whiskey bar.

This is different to the real highball, however, which we felt has a more lighthearted feel.

This highball bar planned to be built in front of Shinagawa Station where business people and international tourists rub shoulders, started from the idea that such space should be a place for casual interaction and pleasure.

The eye catching exterior features an arched entrance and wooden whiskey barrel design. From the rounded entrance the bustling atmosphere of interior can spill out onto the street. The L-shaped highball serving counter and whiskey bottle display takes inspiration from street stalls.High seats and table line the space, which is lit by an elegant chandelier. Each and every one of these items combines to provide the space with an ambiance and lively atmosphere.