Location: Osaka , Japan
Area: 177sqm
Completion: AUG / 2017
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki
Photos: Kenta Hasegawa

The design proposal of refurbishing the chapel “Jour” that located on the 9th floor of the Swissotel Nankai Osaka is based on the concept of open environment with a shift of scale feeling, and to show what can only be seen in Swissotel.

Space wise, in contrast to the white marble floor and bright ceiling, we are using the gray color of basalt to wall surface to create a decorous feeling. By incorporating the material which tightens space on the wall, a sharp contrast with gorgeous wedding dress and luxurious feeling were created. In addition, we intensively use oak to elements such as bench seats, preacher, signature table and entrance doors to create comfortable feeling, and you can feel the warmth which is delivered by the selection of material.

The outside has a lush garden, natural light is filled the lattice window through the green plants into the chapel, and it creates an open and pleasant environment.

The installation of the ceiling in “Jour”, contents a design motif of flower shower. Handmade glass imitating a total of 320 petals is an attribute to glass artist Yohei Tsuchimura. By changing the shape and pattern to let light to play it’s role and interact with glass. The joy of shadow and light, man made with natural can be seen in front of your eyes. A sense of unique rhythm there only belong to Swissotel and the glamorous of Osaka is shown off.