Location: Tokyo , Japan
Area: 153 sqm
Completion: NOV / 2019
Designer: T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki / D.Miyazaki
Photos: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Jose Luis is a famous restaurant in Madrid, the center of Spain, which has been loved by citizens for more than 60 years as a restaurant with a royal warrant. The Shibuya branch, which will be the first landing in Japan, is based on the concept of “tradition and innovation” cherished in its home country, and a uniquely Japanese evolution was required. In terms of cuisine, the fusion of “tradition” and “innovation” and the process of chemical transformation is considered an “innovative laboratory” in interior design. The goal was to create a refined dining by pursuing each and every detail.

Jose Luis is located in the center of the restaurant floor, and the layout is divided into three zones: the main dining area, a lounge area in front, and a semi-private area consisting of only box seats in the back.

In front of the main dining area in the center, a wall of blown glass flask lights, each with a different shape, spreads across the entire wall, creating a glittering light that decorates the space with the guests and food. The lounge seating area, surrounded by art-like plantings, is spaciously furnished for guests to relax and enjoy their drinks and meals.

The showcase with colorful pintxos, an art display incorporating culinary charts and tools, and a drink counter inspired by a local bar trailer are all well balanced to create a comfortable and enjoyable space in the Innovative Lab, surrounding the dining area.