を肌で感じながら 地酒や地元の食材が味わえる空間づくりをコンセプトとした。


"YOICHI" is located at centre of the local shopping street in Yokkaichi city, Mie prefecture used to be a lively place with full of merchants and travellers as the major

post-town of Tokaido - the most important route of Edo period.

Staring from the reminiscence of prosperity as the major post-town, it is planned to become a gathering place for workers today, to revitalise the area, designed like

"machiya" - traditional merchant house style where guests enjoy local sake and food in the relaxed atmosphere.

All design elements in the space are inspired from traditional culture and local craftsmanship such as exterior louvers inspired from traditional Japanese house,

ceramic tiles and Japanese washi paper at walls, using local indigo eye and cotton "Matsuzaka Momen" for upholstery and decorative lighting fixtures.

The ceiling pattern at private dining came up from "Ise Katagami" which is the famous local dyed paper often used as Kimono pattern.

Local unglazed porcelain, attractive wall arts which are the modern interpretation of calligraphic and "ukiyo-e" woodcut prints characterise the space where guests

can touch the essence of local beauties.

Thus, "YOICHI" is designed with full of traditional local elements.


Service : Japanese Restaurant

Location : 三重県四日市市

Area : 350 sqm

Completion : SEP / 2013

Designer : T.Fujimoto

Photos : Ouchi Studio & Ryuichi Abe

Link : http://www.tamayura-sp.com/shop/yoichi/index.html