Chicken House is the restaurant specialized in "Ena-dori" where raised in the lush greenery of the natural environment of Gifu prefecture in Japan. For this project,

which was spurred by the passion of our client's ambition to spread out to nationwide, prompted us to focus on branding ena-dori.We determined that we wanted to

offer, to as many people as we could, from locals to visitors from faraway, "the value of coming here to eat Ena-dori," and to create the kind of excitement people feel

when they visit an antenna shop.

First of all, at the entrance, we created eye-catching appeal by installing a glass-enclosed roaster.And at the ambience-filled open kitchen, you can order takeout as you

watch Ena-dori being prepared right in front of you.The dining area has been flexibly laid out. For events, food can be served via long tables in the center of the room,

buffet style.

The photographs which are displayed from the far side to the outside area of the open kitchen portray operations from birthing to processing and cooking, to scenes

of the people who work there.On the large walls are randomly arranged tiles of locally procured Mino pottery, giving off a unique presence and sense of place.Starting

with the Ena-dori graphics that adorn the interior of the restaurant, to the screens that casually divide the floor, there are many items based on the inspiration of

chicken footprints.Each one of these serves as a communication tool to link together guests and at times, guests and staff.We hope that this project will point the way

towards future expansion of Chicken House restaurants.


Service : Chicken Restaurant

Location : 岐阜県土岐市

Area : 159 sqm

Completion : APR / 2015

Designer : T.Fujimoto / N.Sueki

Photos : 329 Photo Studio

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